Murder Mystery at Carlton Grange

Lord Thrubb has been found dead on the floor of his study in a Murder Mystery at Carlton Grange. Clues are being released over the coming week on our Twitter @murdermystery1. The following clues have been released so far:-

Lord Thrubb’s body was found in his study on the ground floor. The method of the murder was poisoning.

The poison was potassium cyanide, a dose delivered in Lord Thrubb’s evening drink.

Police investigating the murder note that Lady Edith & Lord Thrubb were separating & Lady Edith was shortly moving to a house on the estate.

Follow us for more clues and a chance to vote for your suspect on Friday.



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4 responses to “Murder Mystery at Carlton Grange

  1. Pondering the possibilities. ; )

  2. Interesting. Wonder if we can solve this before 20 clues.

  3. The butler did it! They always do..

  4. Reblogged this on springoutdoors and commented:
    This looks like great fun!

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