Online Murder Mystery

Well, it’s all been happening at Carlton Grange this evening. We can add plenty of new information to the previous blog.

Bufton, Lord Thrubb’s butler, had recently handed in his notice. He had decided to follow Lady Edith to her new home on the estate to look after her. A loyal retainer to the end … or is there more to it? There have been cries of ‘The butler did it’ but is that too obvious? Perhaps there is a cunning double bluff in play.

We also meet some new characters this evening. Denver Colorado is a flamboyant Texan who was visiting the Grange on the night of the murder. L0rd Thrubb was investing in Colorado and rumours are circulating concerning a substantial gold find. Police have asked Colorado not to leave the Grange until their investigations are complete.

Hubert Thrubb, his Lordship’s nephew, was also in the house. He is at this very moment being interviewed by the Police about matters including his gambling debts.

The mystery continues …



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9 responses to “Online Murder Mystery

  1. Reblogged this on springoutdoors and commented:
    The mystery continues. It’s definitely not the butler though.

  2. I’ve started a spreadsheet. They will all have motives … but one should stand out given proper analysis.

  3. We need a bit more on motive and opportunity – the nephews gambling debts might be if he stands to inherit – but I’m guessing at this stage

  4. TaxCoach

    More info needed to take an educated guess.

  5. Looking forward to the next development =)

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