The Murder Mystery Of Carlton Grange – Conclusion

Sometimes detectives only have limited evidence to go on and have to follow a hunch. The mystery of Carlton Grange started last week with the murder of Lord Thrubb. Online followers were invited to follow the clues on our Twitter feed and, over the course of the week, the case built up.

There were five suspects and the review of the case can be found on our Murder Mystery website. In the first days the evidence against each suspect seemed to be fairly equal. The vital evidence that put one of them ahead came on Friday morning. Followers knew that Hubert Thrubb, Lord Thrubb’s nephew, had been made the main beneficiary of Lord Thrubb’s will. Just before the murder he had told his uncle that he had substantial gambling debts and had asked him for a loan.

Lord Thrubb had refused this request and further made it known that he did not approve of Hubert’s gambling and was considering disinheriting him. Hubert therefore needed to get his hands on the inheritance before Lord Thrubb could make this change. He learned that Denver Colorado was visiting and acquired potassium cyanide from one of his companies to throw the Police off the track.

Hubert Thrubb was guilty of the pre-meditated murder of his uncle, Lord Thrubb. The motive was financial gain and to save his own neck over his gambling debts. 31 people followed the case and voted, with more than half choosing Hubert. Next, on 20%, was Denver Colorado. Hubert’s plan very nearly worked …



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7 responses to “The Murder Mystery Of Carlton Grange – Conclusion

  1. TaxCoach

    No surprise. I stay with the majority and guess correctly. This is fun 🙂

  2. I guess I missed the final clue this morning. I’m on U.S. East Coast time. But I was following the mystery!

  3. i think this was a cool idea…i definatley noticed it

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    • James Coakes

      And you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with Justine, who clearly has no manners at all. She’ll probably try to sell you something over dinner.

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