How To Write A Murder Mystery Scene

When you’re writing your murder mystery each scene needs to have a structure. The elements to consider are; the name of the scene – are you setting the scene, is it the crime scene or perhaps a witness interview? You also need to consider the position in the overall structure, characters (which are present), costumes, setting, dialogue (words and tone), props, actions (core and more subtle actions and reactions) and the climax of the scene – what needs to happen.

Consider any plot links. Do you need to innocently introduce something that will be relevant later in the story? Murder mystery evening plots tend to be much more simple than the plot of a novel but the story still need to tie together. Don’t think, just because you’re performing to an audience who have probably had a bit to drink, that holes in your plot will not be spotted!

Find out more about Murder Mystery scripts here.



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4 responses to “How To Write A Murder Mystery Scene

  1. sunshineflgirl

    Keeping the holes out of the plot is especially important with the mystery crowd. It detracts from the story line and may completely blow the mystery and what’s the point of reading beyond that?

  2. jackiebarrie

    I remember playing a murder mystery game that wasn’t much fun because we all worked out ‘whodunnit’ right at the beginning. On the other hand, my old auntie loves to read murder mysteries and then re-read them immediately because she’s forgotten what happens!

  3. Some scenes, though, can be included to intentionally mislead the investigator. This is similar to a magician who uses “misdirection” to guide your attention to one hand, while the other hand is really doing all of the work. However, subtle indications of the misdirection should be included, such as facts that either don’t add up or that contradict what was previously revealed. This becomes part of the puzzle of determining who is telling the truth and who is fabricating a story.

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