Sherlock Holmes is on the Case*

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

Sherlock HolmesToday (or yesterday, depending on when you read this) would have been Arthur Conan Doyle’s 154th birthday. Whether or not you like Conan Doyle’s work, it’s hard to overstate his impact on crime fiction. One post doesn’t give me enough space for a full discussion of Conan Doyle, his famous fictional sleuth and their popularity. As you no doubt already know, whole books have been written on this topic. Lots of them. I’m just going to touch on a few ways in which I see Conan Doyle’s impact on the genre. Feel free as ever to differ with me if you do.

Conan Doyle fans will know that he created Sherlock Holmes in part because he saw the need for a detective who solved crimes through logic, deduction and the use of science rather than intuition. In A Study in Scarlet for instance, Holmes knows from the moment he…

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