Supernatural Murder Mystery

Halloween will be with us before too long and I’m thinking about how I can write a supernatural murder mystery plot. I’m looking for an idea where the crime looks as though it was carried out by a supernatural being but where one of the human suspects is actually responsible.

The writer John Dickinson Carr was very good at this sort of mystery. His murders included a body at the top of a tower that no-one entered (He Who Whispers) and a corpse in a pavilion in a snow covered field with no footprints leading to or from it. I won’t ruin the story by explaining what the solution was.

The television show Johnathan Creek also covers this sort of mystery well. People enjoy spooky stories and we always have a lot of enquiries for Halloween dinners. Many of the hotels that we work at also have tales of ghosts roaming their corridors, so a ghost theme where the spectre can be adapted for each location would be a good idea.

One interesting plot line that could be brought in is making the building itself a suspect in the murder. There have been numerous stories based around this idea, some genuinely supernatural while others combine a story of ghostly goings on with a human perpetrator who is making the most of the history to hide his dastardly deeds.

So, lots to think about and lots of potential for a spooky story.


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