Tips for writing – do you lock yourself away?

A collection of coloured rubbers.

I was talking to a friend who is an accomplished writer, having written around half a dozen books. They aren’t fiction, but they are substantial works and they have sold well. We were talking about the process of finishing a book. He likes to go away somewhere, hire a house for a few weeks and focus completely on writing the book and getting it finished and he goes alone. I asked whether he didn’t get a bit lonely and he replied that that was the point really. He needs to completely immerse himself in his project and the motivation to get it finished is that he can ‘come back’.

While this may seem extreme there must be something in it. Day to day life is an extremely distracting world and focus isn’t always possible. The Murder Mysteries that I write are much shorter scripts but they still take a few days and I do need to lock myself away and concentrate while I’m working on them. As well as the script each story has around 20 clues; for example newspaper cuttings, letters and banks statements. Each needs to fit and interact with the story and other clues, so there is a puzzle element to each script.

So, how do you write? If you haven’t started your book yet, how would you handle the process? Would you lock yourself away?


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