Murder mystery verdicts

Further to my previous blog about why people commit real murders here are the twelve verdicts from a murder mystery dinner that we ran before Christmas. As you can see there is a variety of theories on the motive. One very suspicious team even thought it was a staged suicide!

1. The writer – revenge because he stole his script. Three teams chose this

2. The writer – because he was having an affair with the actress and he was about to be discovered.

3. The wife – because under the terms of the pre-nup she will get nothing if they divorce and she was having an affair. Three teams chose this.

4. The financier – because the victim was about to expose him as a gangster in his autobiography. Two teams chose this.

5. The actress – because she was pregnant with the victim’s child and he wanted her to have an abortion. Two teams chose this but the second added that she wanted to claim on his estate.

6. No-one – it was a suicide!

On this occasion  the murderer was the writer because his script had been stolen, so three teams guessed correctly. We change the murderer regularly, so it’s a bit like The Mousetrap and this means that even if someone has seen it before (or reads this blog) they never know whodunnit on the night. They key is that only the murderer can lie, which means that teams need to catch him or her out to successfully solve the mystery.

Interestingly each suspect was accused by at least one team, so it’s not easy. The various methods were also equally spread. The victim is poisoned but it could have been via a cigar, a drink in a glass, a drink thrown or an injection. Each suspect had a potential method.

The murder mystery in this case was Little House Of Horrors.


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