Mysterious Events

Mysterious trees on a foggy night.Murder mysteries have grown in popularity as a corporate event. One of the major advantages of this format is that people do not need to physically participate so it suits more or less any guest.

Typically a murder mystery is delivered by a group of actors from an external corporate event company. Sometimes parts can be written for employees of the company organising the event and this can make it more personal and memorable.

This sort of event can become quite competitive as the storyline builds. Those who want to really get involved tend to do so while those who are less interested can break away and chat. This social team bonding event format works well because it is not forced and people can approach it however it best suits them.

Murder mysteries can be arranged at any location with suitable space. The best events are held at venues with the right atmosphere; so gothic mansion style hotels or castles are ideal. There are also specialist locations such as crypts and prisons which make ideal settings. As with any event the quality of the meal is crucial, but compromises do not need to be made as plenty of suitable venues have excellent catering.

The key is to choose a professional company who have experience of delivering events to an intelligent and sophisticated corporate clientele. A badly written script with corny lines can be excruciating.

There will be a high level of audience interaction and this is crucial in making the event enjoyable. Often the funniest moments happen ‘off script’ as exchanges between the actors and the characters that exist in every group.

Experienced actors know how to choose those people by observing the group from the outset. Some people prefer to watch quietly whilst others enjoy getting involved and having the chance to show off a little. Differentiating between the two is a key skill of experienced actors.

The format is also particularly effective as a team building event. If you have a wide range of ages and a mixture of genders this event will have a broader appeal than, say, quad biking or paintball. Teams will need to communicate in order to investigate the crime and solve the mystery so it makes an excellent icebreaker.


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