Murder Mystery Options

Here are our most popular plots:

The Reading Of The Will

This is a traditional Murder Mystery which is set around an aristocrat’s will reading. The characters are his wife, wayward son, money grasping brother and a solicitor. The reading is interrupted by DI Willy Catchem who has found a body in the grounds of the hotel.

This can be contemporary or 1920s (Downton / Gatsby). We also have a three actor version where the characters are DI Catchem , the solicitor and the family’s maid.

Little House of Horrors

The setting is the UK launch of Little House of Horrors, a cross between a horror film and 50 Shades of Grey. The film has been a cult hit in the USA and the producer is now launching it in the UK. He is the victim and he dies in front of the audience, coming back after a cunning costume change as DI Willy Catchem. The other characters are his wife, a one famous actress, a young starlet, a gangster financier and a write who claims his script has been stolen. This script is great fun and clients can dress black tie or in horror costumes.

Conference Chaos

This is for larger conferences and we need a stage. It can be run as an afternoon or over dinner. The Six Sigmas are a conference act who bring Japanese management techniques over to the UK. They introduce themselves in a high energy opening which has the whole room joining them in a rousing rendition of ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands’ before their leader keels over, dead. The rest of the group, which includes a hypnotist, a Japanese language specialist and a health guru are all suspects.

This is designed to be a surprise for the audience. The start becomes increasingly ridiculous and the audience will start to cotton on.

James Bond / Spy Theme

It’s the annual Spy Of The Year awards. 007 is absent, away on a mission. M is hosting, assisted by Pocketmoney, and 006 and 004 are present, both up for this prestigious award. Visiting on a friendly exchange from Russia we have their top agent, WD40.

When WD40 is murdered M is looking at an international incident. A friend of the service, DI Willy Catchem, is sent for so the mystery can be wrapped up discretely and an incident averted.

Who Killed Father Christmas?

This is the festive show. Camberwick Toys have had a very successful year and are about to reappoint their Father Christmas, a role which carries a £20,000 bonus for the member of staff who takes it on. Hugh and Phyllis Pugh run the company assisted by Cuthbert Dibble, marketing director. Barney McGrew is the firm’s handyman, and he wants the Santa gig that is currently being held by John Grubb, who is the victim of the night’s murder.

So the characters are Phyllis Pugh plus Hugh Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert Dibble and one of them killed Grubb.


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