Murder Mystery at The Troxy

Actors on a murder mystery event.

Many were surprised when the boss’s speech was interrupted by someone claiming to be Jay Troxy, owner of the fabulous venue where the Gala Dinner was being held. There was no less surprise when he apparently dropped down dead at the top of the stairs.

When another character removed a wig and moustache, having been posing as a member of the waiting staff, it became apparent that a Murder Mystery was in play. This character introduced himself as DI Willie Catchem of Aldgate Police and he explained that the building was in ‘lock down’ while the crime was investigated.

The suspects were the victim’s wife, Myrtle, a dancer called Tiffany Charms, Troxy’s assistant manager Seymour Betts and a mysterious money man called Herbie Ravioli. As the details of the case emerged clues were found, and teams were assisted by a nosy reporter and a solicitor’s clerk who were both sharing documents.

Teams needed to investigate the three Ms; method, motive and murderer. How was Jay Troxy murdered and why would lead to the murderer?  Documents revealed that he was divorcing his wife, who would get nothing, and he was having an affair with the dancer, who was going to have a baby that she claimed was his. Meanwhile he had just discovered that Seymour Betts was embezzling the business and was on the verge of exposing Ravioli’s Mafia connections. All in all there was a lot for the the investigators to check out.

In the end eleven teams, including CSI, thought that the murderer was the wife, Myrtle. Only two teams thought that it was Herbie Ravioli, with table 22 thinking that he did it in cahoots with Myrtle. Five teams, including Damian’s Detectives, thought that Seymour Betts committed the crime. Three teams correctly identified that it was Tiffany; Suspectors Red thought that she did it in partnership with Myrtle while The Mexican Cartel thought that Tiffany and Myrtle were having an affair. Only Table 21 correctly deduced that the poison was in the chocolates and that Tiffany had intended to kill Myrtle and Jay mistaking them for a birthday present for him.

In addition to the official suspects two teams named their boss as the murderer, and he took this in good spirit when accused by DI Catchem, and another team thought that another manager, with his Prohibition black market shenanigans, had taken his criminal career one step further.

All in all it was a fun night and the Murder Mystery actors commented that they had had a lot of fun with investigating teams who had asked some great questions with many of them playing the game in character as investigators themselves. Find out more about our events on our website.


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  1. Many actors begin doing things their characters do to act naturally. It helps them feel like their characters and understand their motives and ideas.

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