Little House of Horrors

Little House of Horrors is one of our most popular scripts. The occasion is a film launch of a cult film that is part horror and part 50 Shades of Grey. The audience seems to find that mix very amusing and it lends itself to dressing up in costume.

A successful film producer is murdered. There a four suspects, each with a motive. The audience must examine the evidence, question the suspects and reach a conclusion as a team; Method, Motive and Murderer.

The actors come onto the stage and act out the first scene. The murder takes place in front of your very eyes!

A terrible crime has been committed and, for now, no-one can leave the building. However, don’t despair because food and drinks are available.

The local CID, efficient as ever, arrive quickly and explain what happens next. The teams are given evidence packs including bank statements, contracts and love letters.

Teams then have the opportunity to visit the suspects in position around the venue. They can question them on their theories and build up their evidence.

Everyone in the main area gathers for a final scene. The best, and worst, team verdicts are read out before the true facts are revealed.

Find out more about this Murder Mystery plot.


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