Murder Mystery Event Overview

Here is an overview of our events and our most popular scripts.

DI Willy Catchem acts as detective and MC for the evening, a team of professional actors play the witnesses and suspects and the audience tries to solve the crime and deduce Method, Motive and Murderer before coffee is served.

The Reading of The Will

The will of a recently deceased aristocrat is to be read. His wife, Lady Margaret, his son, and the family solicitor are all present expecting payments to solve their various problems. When the will is read a surprise beneficiary gains most of the estate, much to the shock of the assembled guests which now include the family’s maid. When a murder takes place the plot thickens and DI Catchem has his work cut out.

This can be a 5, 4 or 3 actor show (the latter for fewer than 30 guests). We can run this in a contemporary or 1920s setting (Downton Abbey).

Little House of Horrors

Welcome to the film launch of Rod Ducer’s latest hit, a cross between a horror film and 5 Shades of Grey. Also present are his wife, a young actress and star of the film and a shady financier from New York. Suddenly a writer gatecrashes the party, claiming that Ducer has stolen his script. Ducer hands out various gifts, all of which are intended to calm his relationships down but all of which just make matters worse, culminating in his murder in front of everyone.

This is a fun script which is ideal for Hollywood or movie themes and dressing up.

James Bond 007 Murder Mystery

It’s the annual spy of the year awards. 007 is in North Korea (he was the only one who could carry off the hairdo) but 004 and 006 are present, along with a Russian agent on a friendly exchange, WD40. Pocketmoney starts proceedings by remembering fallen agents as everyone waits for M to arrive. In his place DI Willy Catchem turns up and informs the shocked agents that M has been found dead.

The ever popular James Bond theme is ideal if the clients wants black tie and 007 theme room decoration.

Contact us for further information.


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