Why are libraries popular in Murder Mysteries?

Holborn Bars Library

The image shows the fabulous library at Holborn Bars in London. It is a very popular venue for our Murder Mystery events.

What is the connection between libraries and this particular genre of crime writing? One obvious link is the significance of the library in the game of Cluedo. However, it is deeper than that. Why is the library in Cluedo in the first place?

If you mention murder mystery dinners to an American they will often say that it is a very British thing, and there is an association with Edwardian England and country houses. This will have much to do with Agatha Christie, who dominates this genre of writing. Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is another influence in this area and many of his stories are set in or have chapters set in English country houses.

So, the association is likely to be the link with English country houses, in the same way that the butler is often the prime suspect.

There is another aspect of libraries which may be relevant. In dream analysis a library is associated with knowledge, investigations and the past. When you consider all of this, and that libraries are often very beautiful locations, you can understand why they are associated with murder mysteries and the ideal setting for a memorable dinner.




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